Name: Don Cheadle
Profession: Movie Actor
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm
Age: 59
Birth Place: Kansas City - Missouri
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is a Movie Actor, and he was born on 29 November - 1964(59 years old) in Missouri. Don Cheadle zodiac sign is Sagittarius. More detailed information about Don Cheadle given below.

About Don Cheadle

He was nominated for an Academy Award for his starring part in the drama Hotel Rwanda in 2004. He has also appeared in films such as Crash, Traffic, Boogie Nights, and Ocean's Eleven, and in the Marvel Universe, he portrays James "Rhodey" Rhodes.


In 2010, he was titled U.N Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador.

Don Cheadle before fame

His debut film role was in 3 Days, released in 1984. In the late 1980s, he appeared in episodes of shows like Fame, L.A. Law, Sidekicks, and Hill Street Blues.

Achievement of Don Cheadle

He was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program in 2010.

Salary 2020

$150 Thousand Per Episode

Net Worth 2020

$35 Million

Don Cheadle family life

In 1992, he began dating Bridgid Coulter. Imani and Ayana are his two daughters.

Associations of Don Cheadle

On Showtime's House of Lies, he co-starred with Kristen Bell.

Don Cheadle Physique Measurements

Weight in kg - N/A
Height 173 cm
Eye Color updating...
Hair Color N/A

Don Cheadle Timeline

  • 1982

    Cheadle was born in Kansas City, Missouri, to Bettye Cheadle (nu00e9e North), a teacher, and Donald Frank Cheadle Sr., a clinical psychologist. He has a sister, Cindy, and a brother, Colin. His family moved from city to city throughout his childhood. He attended Hartley Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska, from 1970 to 1974. Cheadle graduated in 1982 from East High School in Denver, Colorado. During high school, he played saxophone in the jazz band, sang in the choirs and was active in the theater department, performing in musicals, plays, and mime shows under the direction of Catherine Davis.

  • 1985

    Cheadle became eligible for his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card when he appeared as a burger joint employee in the 1985 comedy Moving Violations. In 1987, he received a small role in season 7, episode 19 of Hill Street Blues, where he played a teenager with learning difficulties. This was followed by an appearance in Hamburger Hill the same year; Cheadle secured the role of Jack in the April 1, 1988, "Jung and the Restless" episode of Night Court. Although his character was 16 years old, Cheadle was 23 at the time.

  • 1986

    Cheadle went on to attend the California Institute of the Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theater in 1986.

  • 1988

    Cheadle then played the role of Rocket in the 1988 movie Colors. In 1989, he appeared in a video for Angela Winbushu0027s No. 2 hit single "Itu0027s the Real Thing", performing dance moves in an orange jumpsuit, working at a car wash. In 1990, he appeared in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air titled "Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy", playing Will Smithu0027s friend and Hilaryu0027s first love interest, Ice Tray. In 1992, he played a supporting role in The Golden Girls spin-off The Golden Palace. Cheadle subsequently played district attorney John Littleton on three seasons of Picket Fences.

  • 1997

    Cheadle first received widespread notice for his portrayal of Mouse Alexander in the film Devil in a Blue Dress, for which he won Best Supporting Actor awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the National Society of Film Critics and was nominated for similar awards from the Screen Actors Guild and the NAACP Image Awards. Following soon thereafter was his performance in the title role of the 1996 HBO TV movie Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault. He also starred in the 1997 film Volcano, directed by Mick Jackson. He also starred in Rush Hour 2, with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

  • 2005

    Cheadleu0027s television credits include Emmy-nominated performances in the movies The Rat Pack, A Lesson Before Dying, Things Behind the Sun and in a guest appearance on ER. The last of these spanned four episodes during the showu0027s ninth season, in which he portrayed Paul Nathan, a medical student struggling to cope with Parkinsonu0027s disease. He has made appearances in films including Rosewood, The Family Man, Boogie Nights, Out of Sight, Traffic, and Oceanu0027s Eleven. These last three were directed by Steven Soderbergh. He made a cameo appearance in the film Abby Singer. In 2005, Cheadle was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Paul Rusesabagina in the film Hotel Rwanda. He also starred in and co-produced Crash, which won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Picture. For his performance in Crash, Cheadle was nominated for the BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Supporting Actor. He played the main character in the movie Traitor.

  • 2006

    Cheadle appeared in NFL commercials promoting the Super Bowl from 2002 to 2005. He so regularly appeared for the NFL in its Super Bowl advertising that in 2006, in a drive to get fans to submit their own advertising ideas, the NFL sought his permission to reference his previous commercials to portray themselves as having no new ideas: "he quickly signed off on the idea and found it funny." Abe Sutton (along with Etan Bednarsh), one of the finalists in this NFL contest, played on this commercial by proposing an ad where every player on a football team is Don Cheadle.

  • 2007

    In March 2007, Cheadle starred with comedian Adam Sandler in Mike Binderu0027s Reign Over Me, a comedy-drama about a man who has slipped away from reality after the death of his wife and three daughters in 9/11. The film was a box office flop, earning a domestic gross of $22.2 million. Cheadle later starred in the 2009 DreamWorks Pictures film Hotel for Dogs. Cheadle was to make his directorial debut with the adaptation of Elmore Leonardu0027s Tishomingo Blues, but in July 2007 he stated, "u0027Tishomingou0027 is dead..."Cheadle has campaigned to end the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Cheadle and John Prendergast co-authored a book about this issue entitled Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond. With George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, David Pressman and Jerry Weintraub, Cheadle co-founded the Not On Our Watch Project, an organization focusing global attention and resources to stop and prevent mass atrocities. Cheadle was awarded the BET Humanitarian award of the year in 2007 for his humanitarian work for the people of Darfur and Rwanda.At the 2007 World Series of Poker, Cheadle and poker player Annie Duke organized an annual charity poker tournament, Ante Up for Africa.On December 13, 2007, Cheadle and fellow actor George Clooney were presented with the Summit Peace Award by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Rome for their work to stop the genocide and relieve the suffering of the people of Darfur.

  • 2008

    In 2008, Cheadleu0027s family history was profiled on the PBS series African American Lives 2. A DNA test revealed that Cheadle is of Cameroonian descent. Another DNA test revealed that among his African ancestry, one-third comes from the region from Senegal to Liberia, just over one-quarter comes from the Congo-Angola region, and the rest comes from western Nigeria and Benin.

  • 2009

    In 2009, Cheadle and Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder worked on a potential comedy show on NBC. The "project revolve[d] around mismatched brothers who reunite to open a private security company." Cheadle and McGruder were slated to serve as executive producers, while McGruder was expected to write the script.Also in 2009, Cheadle performed in The People Speak, a documentary feature film that uses dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries, and speeches of everyday Americans, based on historian Howard Zinnu0027s A Peopleu0027s History of the United States.

  • 2010

    In 2010, Cheadle assumed the role of War Machine / James Rhodes in Iron Man 2 (2010), replacing Terrence Howard. Cheadle reprised this role in Iron Man 3 (2013), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019).In 2010, Cheadle was named U.N. Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador. Also in 2010, he and Prendergast published their second book: The Enough Moment: Fighting to End Africau0027s Worst Human Rights Crimes.

  • 2012

    From 2012 to 2016, Cheadle starred in the Showtime TV series House of Lies. In 2013, he won the Golden Globe as Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on the show.

  • 2018

    In 2018, Cheadle guest-starred in the first-season finale of DuckTales, providing Donald Ducku0027s new voice box. He later guest-starred again in 2020 during Season 3 after a wish Donald made to Gene the Genie had altered reality.

  • 2019

    On his 2019 Saturday Night Live appearance, he wore a T-shirt saying u0027protect trans kidsu0027.

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Don Cheadle was born on 29 November, 1964.

Don Cheadle is from Kansas City - Missouri.

Don Cheadle is 59 year old.

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